Regulatory compliance


To meet regulatory requirements, training must be made widely available to employees within time constraints. Training departments must be able to rapidly trace, through global and local reporting, all accreditations and qualifications held by collaborators.


To facilitate the implementation of regulatory changes, many organizations decide to set up digital devices within their training department. Digital technology enables these companies to widely disseminate online training materials to all of their collaborators. The decision to opt for digital learning is fostered by HR departments that seek to cast aside the organizational constraints associated with face-to-face training, and that also desire to have better cost control.

The regulatory training world requires very good versioning management. Indeed, from one year to the next, regulations can change slightly. It is therefore necessary for the selected digital learning solution to integrate versioning management into all courses offered. A training department must be able to ensure that employees are taught using the latest versions of published training material.


To comply with regulatory requirements, training departments must be able to rapidly trace all accreditations and qualifications held by collaborators (list of employee qualifications/accreditations; reminders of training enrollment dates). Regarding this strategic point, the Syfadis Experience solution provides traceability for all training activities with thorough tracking of each of the resources used during the training sessions. In addition, Syfadis makes it possible to integrate a validation step into the training creation process. Thus, only the validated version will be accessible to learners.