Onboarding acceleration

Groupe de travail

Encouraging the integration of new employees through personalized training courses, developing their commitment and transmitting company values to help them become more effective more rapidly.

On recruitment, two-thirds of employees said that structured integration makes them want to stay in the company. This highlights the importance of onboarding for the employee, not only during his or her initial integration, but more broadly at each change of position. This process helps the employee rapidly find their place and gain autonomy to fully express their potential.

The use of digital learning during this integration phase increases efficiency, establishes a positive image of the employer’s brand, encourages retention, harmonizes messages, overcomes planning-related constraints, and avoids availability problems regarding the various actors, allowing training to commence rapidly.

With Syfadis Experience, Learning and Development departments can be actors and leaders from a collaborator’s first steps in the company. They will contribute directly to the performance of the organization.

By having a learning portal, collaborators will quickly become autonomous, acquiring the culture and knowledge necessary to carry out their professional functions.Being part of communities, having a catalog of resources, self-assessment, and studying a MOOC, are all examples of what will encourage commitment, enthusiasm and motivation.

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