Ensuring long-lasting learning

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Learning capacity or learnability is the desire and aptitude of an employee to progress quickly and acquire new skills to enable them to remain employable throughout their professional life.


To foster skills development, collaborators need to feel supported and encouraged by their organization. While the learner can be empowered through a favorable environment, the manager has a key role to play in guiding the development of his or her teams. It is up to the training manager to create conditions that are conducive to this support through different perspectives:

  • Offer and disseminate training that is adapted to the requirements in the field, in connection with management
  • Provide managers with evaluation tools that enable them to assess their employees prior to training
  • Involve managers in the assessment of employee training needs
  • Enable managers to enroll employees in training courses to help them with their objectives
  • Provide access to monitoring dashboards to demonstrate the effectiveness of training actions
  • Enable the evaluation of acquired skills following training in the field, via dedicated appraisals

The trainer has a key role to play in motivating and engaging learners with their courses. Through digital technology, the trainer’s role moves away from the top down transfer of knowledge, to more of a coach working to help the learners develop: he or she must encourage collaborators and fight to prevent dropouts.


How can we stimulate a career-long willingness to learn?It is clear that schemes focusing solely on compulsory and regulatory training are highly likely to be perceived by employees as restrictive, therefore leading to a low level of commitment.Thus, it is essential to associate training with a positive vision rather than a coercive one, through innovative and varied educational approaches, and a participatory, open and attractive training ecosystem.It is also essential to communicate effectively about the issues and benefits of skills development. The training department must seize this challenge and create the right conditions for lifelong learning.