Syfadis Talent

Manage and develop the talented personnel in your company and promote skill agility. Syfadis Experience integrates skills assessment, mobility, career and succession management.

Evaluate and manage skills

Build and digitize your jobs and skills inventory. With interview and evaluation processes, you are able to collect relevant information to build the careers of your employees, manage internal mobility and develop a powerful training solution.

Targeted training according to development needs

Syfadis Experience allows you to develop a training strategy related to the skills development needs of employees. Skills evaluations enable the recommendation of training courses according to the gaps identified.

Involve management in the development strategy

With Syfadis Experience, the manager sets and monitors the objectives of his or her team through career interviews. The manager has access to the files of team members, and is able to evaluate employees online and issue training requests.

Key functions:

  • Automatic Training Recommendations
  • Mobility
  • Career
  • Succession
  • Self Evaluation
  • Career Interview
  • Predictive Analysis