Syfadis Eval

Engage your organization in a process of continuous improvement through evaluation. Optimize your training budget.

Identify the most effective courses and optimize your training investment

Provide the right training to the right collaborator at the right time by positioning learners upstream of their training. Evaluate the impact of your devices and identify the most relevant training courses. Analyze the quality of training delivered by your internal or external organizations. Enable trainers to improve their teaching techniques with on-the-spot evaluation.

Demonstrate the impact of training on individual and collective performance

On-the-spot and follow-up assessments, positioning analysis, formative evaluation, knowledge transfer: digitize all your evaluation processes with Syfadis Experience. Build evaluations on the Kirkpatrick model and analyze the performance of your activities.

Engaging evaluations with 100% mobility for employees, managers and trainers

Guidance questionnaires, image recognition tests, categorization, multiple choice, single choice, ordering questions, satisfaction surveys and much more: build interactive assessments and engage all stakeholders in a culture of evaluation. Dynamize your questionnaires with different media types: images, videos, sound files, etc.

Key functions:

  • Online Catalog
  • Self-Service or Registration Process
  • Compatible With Kirkpatrick Model
  • Evaluation Campaigns
  • Feedback
  • Automatic Recommendations
  • Automatic Customization of Training Courses
  • Automatic Notifications and Reminders
  • QTI Standard Management