Syfadis Experience

A training solution designed for skill agility.

Enable your employees to become fully involved in their employability and to achieve their ambitions. By helping everyone to realize his or her potential, Syfadis Experience contributes to overall company performance.

Cultivate learning ability

Learning ability, motivation and the pleasure of learning are fundamental to the success of an organization. Syfadis Experience encourages employee engagement and continuous learning throughout their careers.

Enable your entire organization to embark on your training project

Collaborators, directors, training managers, HR managers: involve all of your organization’s actors in talent development.

Unleash the potential of your employees

Digital learning, mobile training, evaluation, communities, micro-learning, face-to-face training: help your collaborators to anticipate the evolution of their activities by developing their ability to adapt.

Dedicated solutions for a unified training experience

Syfadis Learning

Enable your talented personnel to develop their employability through a training solution that is comprehensive, multi-modal (e-learning, MOOC, SPOC, video learning, virtual classes, social learning, serious games, rapid learning...), with multiplatform support (computer, tablet or smartphone).

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Syfadis Training

Optimize the administrative and financial management of your training program. Save time through needs analysis, planning consolidation, the automation of many processes and highly detailed financial reporting.

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Syfadis Eval

Engage your collaborators and your device in a process of continuous improvement through evaluation. Numerous indicators are put at your disposal thanks to the perfect integration between the administrative management and evaluation tools.

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Syfadis Talent

Manage skills, careers and promote mobility within your organization. More rapidly identify strategic skills for your organization and establish training plans to meet those needs.

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